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Tuesday November 24, 2009 23:08

1929 Billboard With Real Car and Picture Frame

Put a real car in a glass box, slap a giant picture frame in front of it, and what you have is " the acme of out-door advertising ". ----------...

Thursday November 12, 2009 00:16

Phuket On a Billboard

Very phunny. - via ---------- Follow @billboardom on Twitter Read more here: Phuket On a...

Wednesday November 11, 2009 00:04

Billboard Promotes Facebook Page

- It's time for us to build a robust social media strategy. - Hm. Let's build a Facebook page Visit link: Billboard Promotes Facebook...

Tuesday November 10, 2009 23:07

Cute Billboards From the 50s

Chevron Supreme Gasolene must have been so good that these dudes are, like, sniffing it.

Monday November 9, 2009 23:55

Really Bad Billboards

You know how there's a blog full of nothing but awesome billboards , right? Well, we've found our evil twin - The Bad Billboard Project . And by...

Monday November 9, 2009 23:00

"Play With Doggie" Interactive Wall

Sniff from karolina sobecka on Vimeo . A simple 3D camera that detects your "location, proximity, motion, speed" can do some serious magic, it turns...

Sunday November 8, 2009 22:56

Law and Order Interrogation Billboard

Billboard promoting Law and Order in New Zealand. - via ---------- Follow @billboardom on Twitter See more here: Law and Order Interrogation...

Saturday November 7, 2009 22:35

Cool Billboard for Ravensburger Puzzle

We feel like they should've made the concrete debris look more like puzzle pieces, but whatever. Still pretty awesome. Read more from the...

Friday November 6, 2009 23:28

Billboard for a Bread Hole

There are two things in Switzerland: banks and holes. Some holes, like cheese holes, are famous, recession-proof, and enjoy brisk sales. Other...

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